Gimme a Rock, Ill Chuck it! (Ogryn Rock Discussion)

While the Ogryn holds the rock, piece of concrete, or other random object in their hand can we have a slap or upper cut to fend off chaff? This will help create space long enough for us to throw the rock.

Maybe a melee attack with said rock? The rock can even break upon use, just like the throw. Since we have to aim to throw it, I think a left click pulverize option would be satisfying, especially if the Ogryn chuckled while doing so.

The pesky sniper, flamer, trapper or other mid-to long range threat sometimes have a decent amount of chaff in front of them while I aim the rock. Switching to my melee weapon just to push or slap stun targets to then switch back to a rock seems like an extra step. I understand I should create space before attempting a throw but allowing the rock to have a push, slap or melee may solve some of these issues, specifically while last man.

Again, I would love for the rock to eventually have a melee, no heavy attack, just a bonk that destroys the rock over the head of whomever left their noggin unarmored and thought it was a good idea to approach an Ogryn in melee.

What does the community think? Thanks!

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While I like the idea, there’s honestly no need. The trade off rock has for being single target use is the regeneration. If it had security measures like being able to slap/melee it’d minimize the danger and make it way too strong.
Point of good grenade/rock usage is knowing when to use it and dodging to create space on higher difficutlies. Especially when you’re getting swarmed.


I am not really using a rock(used it once, pretty fun, but not my style) and probably will not be using it, but an ability to slap or punch to make space would make it pretty fun, considering the rock is not really a strong option and usually used only to kill some specials, it will not make much of the difference, but make it more fun(I want to punch dudes with my bare fists boxing style).

Also, you kinda can make space for it with abilities, such as Rush or Shout.

So, ye, I would like that.

If they give the Rock a special melee attack, people will use their generic Assail complaint and say the Rock “isn’t a blitz it’s a 3rd weapon”

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Whatever man, like the Rock that kills one dude every minute will break the balance by adding 5dmg stagger slap

I’m no fan of the rock. It’s hugely meme-worthy but in my opinion it doesn’t hold up at high difficulties.

Firstly, you lose access to Soften Them Up, which inflicts a debuff on enemies you damage so that they take 15% more damage for a period afterwards. That’s a teamwide boost and it’s fantastic; never leave home without it.

Secondly, the rock itself. It kills mutants. It has mixed, though good, results on most other non-carapace things. On Auric + Maelstrom difficulties killing a single mutant is not really the name of the game, especially when you need to put away your weapon, draw and throw the rock, then recover your previous weapon, all of which takes time to eliminate just 1 target. No thanks. You need to be killing mutants left and right all the time, and the rock isn’t fast enough.

It does have some snipe value, but generally I can get around that with good gameplay and knowing when to duck/dodge on the sound cues, and/or a weapon that can deal with it. I agree it’s nice for this but not enough for me to give up on the first two negatives.

To be perfectly honest, I could have the choice of near infinite rock versus frag + soften them up, and I think I’d still take frag and soften them up. It’s just not cutting it for me when I am facing up against a room full of elites and specials at once and need to deal with threats faster.


That’s my point. Even though it’s not broken, people will complain that it’s been buffed by saying it’s “broken” because being a good player and using your build properly means you’re “OP”.

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I see that this topic evolves into how good is The Rock

Don’t worry about it, it’s better not to speculate bad stuff, think about flowers, blue sky and big rock being thrown in the face of the Sniper


Rugby bomb and big, sexy guns is life, pal. Ogryn FC is crunching puny heretics.

I agree with a lot of your points, and my suggestion on the enhancements are coming from a top-down perspective (in terms of difficulty).

“Soften them up” does seem like a must have but you’re moving away from the point of the rock and its ability. Your point in essence has nothing to do with the ability to punch someone while holding a rock, or the ability itself. It’s just a preferred (optimal) skill tree decision.

From my perspective I’m typically in the front line, I have a charge and I sustain my toughness via smacking enemies. Its fast and hits very hard. I single target heavy smash. The pesky sniper is usually what does me in, and my big body can make it difficult for my teammates to shoot them in a timeframe I would be satisfied with. This is where my rock comes in. Equip, slap or push for room, then throw. Maybe this is just a mechanic adjustment where I need to push to make room, dodge equip and throw. Regardless, having the flexibility to do this with a rock is my point of the post. Giving the rock more flexibility may make more players that try it, like it. Yes, I run around with a rock on the hardest difficulties. Saves ammo Sah!

Additionally, I still think being able to use the rock as a 1-time melee hit (that will cost a charge) is something to think about. If I have the rock out to throw at a dog and it pounces, instead of aiming at the sucker, or switching weapons, I can just bash him with a rock.

I don’t think it needs it but, eh, not game breaking either.

They are a meme if you brought anything mildly precise like the gorganum, mk v ripper, or grenadiet guantlet.

On Auric missions I tend to stay empty on them because I’m always throwing them at trappers (i don’t think anything has destroyed my runs as badly as them lol)


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