Getting crashes after dowloading mod

Getting crashes after dowloading mod named [BTMP] More Players. I unsicsibrebided but i still got crash report. I disabled all my mods but it didn’t help. Verifying the game files didn’t help either. At first i crashed while joining a game but after that i got crashes every time game intro ends and says “press any button to contiune”.
GUID: 2f4c850a-2e96-44eb-bd8d-270ef09bad99
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2021-06-16-16.26.49-204243b4-ddc2-4069-b52c-dbf15e072a1b.log (39.9 KB)

Just replied to your submission in the Support Portal. It may be in your ‘Spam’ inbox. :slight_smile:

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