German translations for talents are wrong

Nearly all talent descriptions in German translation are wrong. Two issues:

  1. Numbers of duration (in seconds) and buff percentage (%) are switched.
    This appears on nearly all talents that include both a duration and a buff percentage.

e.g. Soot Shield - 25 Battle Wizard
original: "Igniting an enemy reduces damage taken by 10.0% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
translation: “Das Anzünden eines Gegners verringert den erlittenen Schaden 10 Sekunden lang um 5.0%. Ist bis zu 3 Mal stapelbar.”

  1. In some cases, it also gets the numbers itself wrong.

e.g. Bounty Hunter - 25 Hunter’s Pursuit:
original: “Ranged critical hits increases movement speed by 20.0% for 10 seconds.”
translation: “Kritische Fernkampftreffer erhöhen die Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit 19 Sekunden lang um 10.0%.”


Of all the translations that’ve been messed up in WoM, this has got to be the line Fatshark wasn’t supposed to cross.

You do not mess up German. That’s just unacceptable.

Yeah, that one is really annoying, when a friend reads a tool-tip and i have to say him ‘no that’s the other way round’, as i play the game in english…

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