German translation incomplete

The German translation is missing words or just wrong.

  • the feat “Punishment” for Zealot (lvl 10) is missing the translation for “impact”. It just says you gain 30% for 5 seconds but not 30% on what.
  • The skill for zealot “Chastise the Wicked” is sometimes translated as “Züchtigt die Böse” and sometimes as “Züchtigung des Bösen” (in the description of “Inspiring Excoriation”).
  • on weapons with a special attack like the Antax-axe Mk5 the text “Spezieller Nahkampfangriff” overlaps the symbol below
  • the German translation for discard (Ablegen) is misleading since ablegen would rather be translated as unequip, so it does NOT convey that the item will be destroyed.
  • some of the loading screen texts don’t make any sense in German.
    Example: “Stirb jetzt und fluche umsonst” which would translate to “die now and curse for nothing”
  • there are missing line breaks. For example, on the Vetaran feat “Unwavering Focus” the first line only says “75%” because the next word “Zähigkeitsschadensreduktion” was not hyphenated.

Also random words are capitalized, for example after the . that marks the abbreviation “sek.” on the zealot feat “Holy Fervor”.

There are more, so you might want to check the translation again.