Game Security Violation Detected (#00000006)

This problem never happen before. I’m got this when closed the game. Try repair Easy anti cheat it doesn’t help.
my spec
Cpu i7 4790
Ram 8x3 ddr3 1600
Gpu GIGABYTE Rtx 2080 Oc gaming
HDD WD black 1TB
Windows 8.1

Do you have any RGB controllers (such as RGB Fusion) running on your PC?

RGB controllers are often picked up by Easy Anti-Cheat due to their use of old, exploitable drivers and need to be disabled prior to launching Vermintide 2.

I don’t have any RGB controllers running in my pc but I’m got logitech gaming app, killer Network Manager, Discord, Steam, Sound Blaster X-Fi3

I suspect this may be related to the Killer Network Manager. Could you try disabling it and see if the issue persists?

yeah it might actually be killer network manager. look like it close game without any problem now.
Thank you for the help. :smiley:

Perfect! I seem to recall reading a post where a Killer representative recommended using the Killer Control Center instead of the Killer Network Manager , as this doesn’t make use of the particular DLL that Easy Anti-Cheat considers to be suspicious. :slight_smile:

Hmm ok :slight_smile:

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