Game keeps crashing after playing the first mission

The Game keeps crashing when I after the first mission when your suppose to go to the stategium for the first time I click on it, it goes to the cut scene for 2 seconds then crashes.

I have changed my settings to medium and now on low which shouldn’t be the problem but i did it anyway to see, but it keeps happening. This has happened 10 times now.

As of right now i can’t play the game because I can’t progress. I am very close to returning it. the one mission i played was a blast but this is ridiculous for $60.

Below is the crash message that popped up after the 10th time this happened please make this playable i want to play it but I’m not willing to throw money away top wait months to play it.

—GUID: 32ae44af-e33f-4670-bf88-1e8d17986694
Log File:
Info Type:

It happened to me as well. If I understand correctly, you are talking about the Prologue mission and the cutscene after finishing it and the basic training.
It was crashing by me as well but through out the cutscene after different time.
I skipped the cutscene and the game just started without problem, try to skip it as well.

yea that’s what I’m talking about ill give that a try.

it got me past that part but as soon as i take a step it crashes.

Have you tried to check the integrity of the game? If there are maybe some corrupt files? Maybe try different graphics settings, try to lover it to minimum if it does something to find the cause of the problem. Or check the graphic card drivers. :person_shrugging:

I did all of that before i posted the issue on here hahaha.

We’re looking in to this. Thank you for your report.

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Thank you. Please let me know what you find out.

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