Crashing Constantly when in the first minute or so of a mission. Unable to Complete any Missions

Issue Description:
I get into missions ok, but I crash within 60 seconds or so of being in the mission. I haven’t been able to complete a mission in days. I’ve crashed 6 times TODAY.
Crash Report (If Applicable):
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Error Displayed (If Applicable):
Just a crash to desktop and then launches the crash uploader.

Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Start a mission with my character on my system.
  2. Move forward with the group.
  3. → Game crashes within 2 minutes of play.

Mission Name (If Applicable):
It doesn’t make a difference. Every mission I’ve tried in the past few days.


Player ID:
Steam ID: ForeignFlight

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
12/03/2022, 05:46PM] [PST]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
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crash_dump-2022-12-04-01.39.09-4897b9c6-c295-4597-a746-b386883aa45b.dmp (972.4 KB)

Upload Console Log:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Darktide\console_logs
  4. Locate the console log that corresponds with the session in which the issue occurred, by looking at the timestamps in the log names
  5. Upload here
    console-2022-12-04-01.39.09-4897b9c6-c295-4597-a746-b386883aa45b.log (112.4 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Darktide
  4. Locate the darktide_launcher.log in this directory
  5. Upload here
    darktide_launcher.log (415.4 KB)

Here are more logs from the past few hours.


  1. 7:19PM
    crash_dump-2022-12-04-03.15.08-2905ccaf-a86d-4757-993e-943f4d52b52c.dmp (1.0 MB)
    console-2022-12-04-03.15.08-2905ccaf-a86d-4757-993e-943f4d52b52c.log (103.3 KB)

  2. 6:41PM
    crash_dump-2022-12-04-02.39.58-8cba7749-abb5-4026-9b9b-2d7c8b3baf4b.dmp (986.9 KB)
    crash_dump-2022-12-04-02.39.58-8cba7749-abb5-4026-9b9b-2d7c8b3baf4b.dmp (986.9 KB)

  3. 6:35PM
    crash_dump-2022-12-04-02.34.14-35dde800-b423-4bf0-995d-0ac1101f04bb.dmp (974.0 KB)
    console-2022-12-04-02.34.14-35dde800-b423-4bf0-995d-0ac1101f04bb.log (53.9 KB)

  4. 6:33PM
    crash_dump-2022-12-04-02.28.22-54d799f7-59a6-426d-af00-74d6180d150e.dmp (989.3 KB)
    console-2022-12-04-02.28.22-54d799f7-59a6-426d-af00-74d6180d150e.log (112.0 KB)

Here’s a crashify URL from earlier today:

I’ve added these crashes to our database - we’re looking into it.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the response. I’ll put Darktide down for now and come back to it later.

Sending the team positive vibes in hopes of a quick resolution.

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I’m in a similar boat. My Darktide experience has, thus far, been more stable than most I’ve heard of, but today in particular it’s just been crash after crash. I haven’t updated anything, installed anything, changed any hardware or drivers, nor adjusted my settings, and the game files verify just fine.

GUID: 7cd358b4-ab79-4b4f-b465-aeefaade1acf
Log File:
Info Type:

crash_dump-2022-12-05-17.29.32-7cd358b4-ab79-4b4f-b465-aeefaade1acf.dmp (825.9 KB)
console-2022-12-05-17.29.32-7cd358b4-ab79-4b4f-b465-aeefaade1acf.log (180.8 KB)

I have been having the similar problem.

At least @FatsharkLev passed your reports on, he has so far never returned to mine after initial contact to let me know if my issue was passed on or not, even after I clarified and gave multiple days of additional logs (and @'d him asking for an update)

@SilentCynic, looks like you’re running into a GPU-related crash, which is the most common crash type players are experiencing with Darktide currently. I suggest running through our GPU crash solutions here, as you may see some improvement. Though, unfortunately a wider fix is required on our side, which we’re working with our hardware partners to do.

@orvis25, apologies! My notifications and inbox are completely rammed, and things occasionally slip through the net! I’ve replied to your original post now.

Cheers. I am sure you’re swamped, I understand.

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Yeah, I believe I posted in the other, GPU-related crash thread as well. The solutions in the article you linked are ones I tried before I posted on the forums about the issue in question, but they don’t seem to have made a difference in my case. Still, thank you nonetheless, and best of luck on your end of things!

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After this 1.0.14 update, I can’t even make it 15 seconds in the Mourningstar anymore. Attaching logs. Out of my 8 attempts, I managed to get into one mission. I crashed immediately upon firing at the first enemy.

Anecdotally, I’m seeing a bunch of crashes reported from 3000 series Nvidia cards, and I’m on a 3080ti. The logs from 1.0.14 look similar to the one I posted about originally. Maybe a Gfx memory leak?

console-2022-12-07-23.01.54-ae8a5190-1e07-4d67-8382-918f2256b559.log (51.4 KB)
crash_dump-2022-12-07-23.01.54-ae8a5190-1e07-4d67-8382-918f2256b559.dmp (992.3 KB)

Here’s a fun line in the log that speaks to a memory leak:
23:04:34.618 warning: [DDGIVolume] memory leak in ddgi volume, this is a reminder for fixing this!

I’ve passed this on to the development team - thank you!

I appreciate that, thank you.

“quick resolution” lmao yea right

I came back after a month and crashed five times in 20 minutes of play. I’m not even sure why I have this game installed any more.

In any case, here’s a link to the thread I made today which has all of the crashes I encountered today: