Game gets really laggy after 2-3 hours of playing

I have two pcs in 2 different locations.

PC1: really good pc, can run everything on high-extreme and have around 60 fps, drops to 45 fps during hordes. After 5-6hours my game starts to lag (like time goes by slower) or and really laggy. (didnt happen to any game i played before or any v2 match pre WOM (i think inbeta it didnt happen aswell)
PC2: not that good, i run everything on medium, get 50 fps, 40 during hordes. Due to that lag i did everything on lowest so i have 60 fps and it drops to 45 fps during hordes. From this pc i get lag already after 2 hours of playing which is insane!!

FOR BOTH I CHECKED PING AND INGAME STEAM FPS (also double check with Fraps)
Fps were still the same, mybe 2-3 less but overall i never even dropped under 30 fps, then i checked ping, everytime i had green icon if i press tab.

This has to be from latest patch. Some people thought cpu might overheat or something. but everything was fine before… That needs to be fixed!!!
It gets worse the longer i play and stay into the game


I have the same exact problem, and I believe the game has a memory leak. Its always been there.

What I do, is just restart the game after 1-2 hrs of playing.

Also getting random, unexplained crashes and warm reboots mid game but that has toned down the past few days.

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ah okay i see.

yeah weave gets me disconnected so often, aswell as my other teammates

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