Game crsh/ Timeouts

Hello, today i played normaly slaying all kinds of baddies and then at the end of the mission i got stuck in the game like my screen wasnt showing me the lists or what loot i got after like 2-3 min the game said victorious and it started loading the keep but during the loading screen it crashed i tryed to start the game again but since then have only time outs, but my firends have no problems whatsoever playing the game or starting it.

Which ISP are you with Midnight?

I have the same issue and im with 1&1. I can play every other game just fine. Only Vermintide is not working

yes im also on 1&1 evrything worked fine until that crash~

Many of our players who are with Telekom are experiencing issues, Telekom have acknowledged the problem but have not communicated it well to the public. It’s my understanding that 1 & 1 rely on the Telekom network?

but wouldnt a internet provider issue also effect my other games/inet connection? cuz evrything else works just fine.
but i guess ill just wait maybe till tomorrow and if its not better since then ill post an update when theres no fixing it right now~

Vermintide 2 is sensitive to network hiccups, which is why it’s maybe more of a prominent issue. I know Blizzard is also affected, Overwatch especially it seems.

okay then i just wait till tomorrow and yeah we will see thx for the info/help tho<3

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