Game crashing on launch after working previously


This is error that is given:

GUID: cf48e26f-a58a-4cb9-bb16-c4933c7e7671
Log File:
Info Type:

I’ve tried the following:

  • Made sure DX11 is running instead of DX12.
  • Removed steam overlay
  • ran sfc /scannow
  • Removed all mods
  • Changed settings to lowest
  • Ensured no anti-virus (Avast/AVG/etc) is causing issues
  • Ensured Easy Anti-Cheat is correctly working
  • Verified integrity of game files
  • Ensured my GPU drivers are up-to-date

My computer settings are:
GTX 980 Ti
i7-8700K @3.70GHz

Thank you!

Could you try briefly disabling any Anti-Virus on the PC, and see if it continues to crash on launch?

Hi Julia,

Thanks for the quick response. (The only anti-virus I’ve have is windows defender but I’ve checked this).

I’ve managed to fix the game crashing on launch but unfortunately I’m getting very consistent crashes during in game, causing my entire PC to crash.

I’d usually chalk that up to a faulty driver on my GPU/Windows 10, however no other game I’m playing causes this issue. (I’m terrible with computers, last time I did a fresh re-install of drivers I wiped my PC and had to reinstall windows, so I’m reluctant to try that unless it’s a last resort).

I’ve reinstalled the game and the same crash occurs - I have a crash dump log and console log if that would help crash_dump-2020-03-30-07.10.55-98fc2f32-c47d-43a0-ae61-f90f1f9f0c5a.dmp (1.2 MB) console-2020-03-30-08.30.09-d2759787-1f30-4866-b62d-1da2b4741e9c.log (64.1 KB)

That’s unfortunate. I’d recommend you have a read through this:

key-ing off this, here on South Africa. Game was running fine this morning & now myself & 2 friends are getting the same error “Backend Error 1127” & crashes on startup in game

Error 1127 indicates our backend provider is experiencing some disruption, however it’s my understanding that this is solved now.

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