Constant Crashing on Launch

GUID: bc7b3efe-c0a7-4aad-bf55-9c7edb30b84b
Log File:
Info Type:

I have tried following all the advice I have found scattered around here, the support website, etc., which includes (but is not limited to) reinstall Visual C++ redistributables for 2012/2015, changing worker threads, changing DirectX engines, reinstalling, verifying game integrity on Steam, and so on. Nothing seems to help. Any advice?

Do you have the log of that session (o any session with that crash). With that code, Fatshark should be able to read the log on their data base. But if you want community opinions, you can paste the seccion of the log that says why it crashed. If you don’t care about sharing your specs, country and stuff, you can just upload the whole file.

This is a GPU-related crash, with that in mind please have a look here:

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