Game crashing on Launch after pressing play in the launcher, POST-Hotfix

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GUID: 5950b753-63e3-4aca-9ef4-51580ff90b60
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I also have the same issue.

It is constant and I am unable to open the game. For me it gets to the beginning of the animated Fatshark logo before quitting out back to desktop.

GUID: 8a8ea26d-ff38-47cf-a814-c5d48f8cc749
Log File:
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+1 Here.

Every startup gets as far as the “processing inquisitorial clearance” stage then crashes.

GUID: 29e62d27-8690-46e1-b08c-80404dd13927
Log File:
Info Type:

We’re looking in to this, apologies.

Same here mine was loading shaders or something and unable to play since the big update
GUID: 3aaf59a4-bc12-491b-bf38-a2e1c8ec5421
Log File:
Info Type:

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