Game crashes towards the end of missions sometimes

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GUID: 6901b145-6720-46d3-aea8-f798c75906a1
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probably a server issue.

Mission Name (If Applicable): all missions.

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[11/20/2022, 00:00AM/PM] [TIMEZONE]

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Common (<50%)

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Added this crash to our database - thank you for the report!

I’ve got a friend with this same problem, keeps crashing every second game right before extraction.
What I’ve also experienced during his crashes is that sometimes when he successfully reconnects, every other player in the same game gets disconnected with “channel error” or similar, unable to reconnect.
Which leads to no rewards for anyone.

This has resulted in when he crashes close to extraction (i.e “extract now”), I rush to the ship so I’m sure the game is done before he’s able to try to reconnect\disconnecting everyone else.