Crash mid mission unable to reconnect

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Issue Description:
I crash out mid mission and upon attempting to rejoin get to the first voice line in the intro to the mission and the game crashes again. This happens every time try to rejoin. The crash report is from after attempting to rejoin

Crash Report (If Applicable):
GUID: a2311cda-75cb-4add-bfac-7b677ea953ab
Log File:
Info Type:

Steps to Reproduce:
I am not sure what triggers this I has happened 2 times at random points in different missions


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
11/28/2022, 7:00PM] [central

console-2022-11-29-00.54.38-a2311cda-75cb-4add-bfac-7b677ea953ab.log (38.2 KB)

Thank you for your report, I’ve added it to our database.