Game crashes quite alot

Game crashes either very early into the beginning or quite a while in, sometimes halfway.

I don’t have much to really show other than the console log, but ill find anything if it’s needed.console-2019-03-09-19.35.17-9efe7031-6412-41f3-908c-e3a467ac96a9.log (161.2 KB)

Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear what could be causing this. The crashes you’re experiencing are called Access Violations, which in our experience are usually caused by something local. I’d recommend that you run through the solutions listed here.

So same thing happened again, with this error code

GUID: dfe72346-6357-43b0-93f1-6e75f2d08382
Log File:
Info Type:

Is this any different to the one that I had before?

console-2019-03-10-21.31.54-dc423238-8b4d-4f15-bf93-697bd6bcefd7.log (150.7 KB)

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