Game Crashes on Launch as of 3/15/22 patch

GUID: 8b0ccf40-dbe0-4c59-a6d8-8cf7e5a468a7
Log File:
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We’re looking in to this right now, apologies.

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same here.


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I have same problem, i download game today and i cant play. Server Error back-end

Your issue is likely to be caused by something else. Try restarting Vermintide 2 once more if you haven’t already, and if the issue persists, please PM me the URL to your Steam profile.

ever since patch hit today no one can play without crashing in game . New skins or no , good or bad ping , whatever . it doesn’t matter . Everyone i play with crashes in game myself included without exceptions for 4 hours straight of testing different scenarios to see what causes it . seems completely random as far as i know. Help please , i love the game but i also love playing it .
thank you for your time

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