Game crashes entire computer

Three times over the past few days while playing chaos wastes the game has crashed my entire computer. The second time the blue screen finished loading, and got a to 40% bug report on a systems crash before freezing again for hours. The first and third time the blue screen didn’t even finish loading before a total freeze. All three instances required a forceful shutdown and restart of the computer.

I have completed and lost a few chaos wastes without a crash in the same timeframe, but it’s so disheartening especially on chaos wastes where you play with others and accumulate boons when there’s roughly a 1/3 chance your entire computer will have to go offline before you finish your game.
Because it’s a system crash and not crash to desktop i can’t even report the bug.

Hopefully this is an issue that can be fixed, I’d love to keep playing.

Can you recall the error being displayed with the BSOD, and could you share your PC’s specifications with me please?

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