Game crashed on Blightreaper mission, had to do a system restart

Vermintide 2 crashed while I was in the Blightreaper mission with a friend, I myself don’t own the DLC yet but my friend does, and when the game crashed the game did not exit, it kept going, so I exited steam and logged back in, game was still running, so then I tried to restart my machine and the system said that vermintide 2 had a security issue and could not restart, I eventually did manage to restart the machine which fixed the issue of the game constantly playing even when its not supposed to. but still this is a massive issue, I should not be forced to restart my computer over a game crashing, and steam should stop the game from running after the crash too. this is very concerning.

GUID: 8ffd5ea7-aa72-483b-92c3-fa44e9b79df3
Log File:
Info Type:

Sorry to hear about this - I can confirm the crash you’ve posted here is on our radar.

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