Game close randomly without crash report


console-2021-01-19-13.29.47-05994b0b-3760-481d-8d58-d1bc408ec005.log (3,6 MB) console-2021-01-19-13.02.37-91f5324b-b775-4a5e-b29a-0bdb4b9ee510.log (797,4 KB) console-2021-01-19-11.56.07-30bf28e7-3ed5-445a-be91-da4101711223.log (1,3 MB)

Hi @PsychoDad ,

Looking at your logs, you’re encountering three different errors. A non-descript Access Violation crash and two others, Illegal instruction and Breakpoint, which can be a little notorious. I’ve passed your logs along to our development team to take a deeper look.

In the meantime, it is worth running through some general crash solutions that have worked for other players here, which may help to improve stability:

allready triet the common solutions before i post here :wink:
i found a fourth error xD [LightFX ] LightFX failed to initialize

15:59:09.139 [EAC] Init client 110000102438fc0
15:59:09.139 [EAC] EAC client initialized
15:59:09.139 warning: [EAC] Failed to initialize localization

11:18:08.735 [Lua] [NETWORK] send_rpc(rpc_server_set_inventory_packages) peer_id:110000102438fc0 inventory_sync_id:9 my_peer_id:110000102438fc0
11:18:08.748 [Lua] [NETWORK] rpc_server_set_inventory_packages, remote_peer_id:110000102438fc0 inventory_sync_id:9 my_peer_id:110000102438fc0
11:18:08.750 [Lua] [NETWORK] sent rpc_client_inventory_map_loaded, inventory_sync_id: 9
11:18:13.277 <>Access violation (0xc0000005) in build 72af77cbc050
accessing address 0000000000000DC6 from 0000000000000DC6<>

please attach crashify link or (since you said you dont get a crash report) full log and crashdump. crashdumps are found in the crashdump directory beside the log directory

We can’t lookup the crashes without the full crash report (that is in the log), but those are missing most info which is why we need the dump to actual look into what state certain variables are in.

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crash_dump-2021-01-19-13.02.37-91f5324b-b775-4a5e-b29a-0bdb4b9ee510.dmp (602,2 KB) crash_dump-2021-01-19-11.56.07-30bf28e7-3ed5-445a-be91-da4101711223.dmp (605,1 KB)

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unfortunately it is still hard to see what the issue is.

The crashes looks quite different, so I can’t make a conclusion from it. How often do the game crash for you?

hard to say i didnt count… maybe 2 of 5 games, sometimes it happens in the keep but most of the time after 50% of a run :frowning:
but more disaponting are that 5 of 5 games are unplayable as client because of the weird connection issues (since 3.4)

im pretty sure that the insane ammount of network actiivity are one of the reason

The issue with issues like this, is that we rarely can reproduce similar behaviour even if there is for sure situations where we have memory corruptions etc which would cause crashes that you have. Sometimes when it’s this re-occuring it can be everything from HW issues to some external program interfering (3d party record like fraps etc or anti-virus).

We have some upcomming fixes, it’s just hard to say if they fixes the issues you posted.

Regarding the network, it’s out of my expertise but I know they are working hard in fixing the issues repored there.

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