FS Should Clean Up Clutter For Smoother Gameplay

Clutter was a big issue in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and I believe Vermintide 2 would greatly benefit from cleaning up the maps. Far too often do I get stuck on wooden pathways, small objects, tiny cracks, etc. while strafing, or just walking in general that result in taking damage, or death. This is a regular occurrence to friends as well, and I am sure many others here on this forum. It should be possible to have certain objects exist to make the map challenging to maneuver, while optimizing clutter so that you are able to freely move and not get stuck on a crack, rock, stair, or elevated area on a clear path that is meant to be taken. I currently have to get ready for work, but would be more than happy to post some screenshot examples when I get home, and would encourage others that have experienced these clutter areas to do the same so that we can make an already great game even better.

Edit: This is an extreme example of what I am talking about, but you can get outright stuck in this spot on Festering Ground, just after you drop down into the lower area of the map.

Back from work, and here are just 3 short examples from the very beginning of Skittergate:

Edit: here are 3 more examples in a critical boss fighting area, with little more space to maneuver than a single character can fit through.

Is it dead stuck or can you jump over these thing ?
Could auto-jump solve some of these issues ?

The first one I posted is dead stuck, the rest you can jump over. What’s silly though is that there are ledges right next to them that you can just walk over that are taller, just angled in a way that allows you to walk over them. I don’t believe auto jump would be necessary, just changing the angle of the rocks a little bit would do the trick.

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