Friendly fire dialogue is constantly triggered if the 'Khaine's Fury' boon and 'Baleful Empathy' curse is active

In the Chaos Wastes, if you have the ‘Khaine’s Fury’ boon (while above 50% health, you gain 25% more melee power but deal 3 damage to yourself every swing) and the ‘Baleful Empathy’ Slaanesh curse (a portion of damage inflicted on a player is also inflicted on other players in close proximity) active on the level, this will cause your teammates’ characters to constantly complain of friendly fire from you. It is both hilarious and annoying, like its related bug:

Please consider removing the FF dialogue if the FF is from Khaine’s Fury or The Lady of the Lake’s Vigil boons (or just remove the FF from those boons). Or: change the dialogue to the generic curse damage dialog instead of the FF dialog complaining about being “shot” by a teammate or being “burned by Sienna”, since the FF dialog doesn’t make sense, and lessen the trigger frequency since it gets annoying after a while.

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