Frequent Lag Spikes - Help please

I have frequent lag spikes when playing even on lower video settings.
Used to run the game fine on Extreme quality, now I can’t even run it on medium.
Game consistently clogs up Ram usage even though I’m at 90% ram and close everything else that isn’t important.

Already acknowledged!

How much RAM do you have?
Can you post any of your logs? You can find them in %APPDATA%/Fatshark/Vermintide 2/console_logs
P.S. Quality settings shouldn’t really affect RAM usage much, but it should affect VRAM usage a lot

I have 16GB of DDR4 3200@3133mhz CL14

console-2019-03-18-04.04.54-cc52d3be-c035-41a6-8157-47459bf774a5.log (1.9 MB)
console-2019-03-18-08.23.35-31513ecc-78ab-4219-b6b6-e8c6e29ea470.log (1.9 MB)
console-2019-03-18-11.06.26-9dbf7294-64a7-4231-a212-6b6c441e7ca6.log (4.0 MB)
console-2019-03-19-00.25.17-b6fa522c-50ad-405c-8633-41648f5e2819.log (1.2 MB)
console-2019-03-19-12.41.26-b737d083-1a52-4ed6-a639-a0baec4743c0.log (1.1 MB)

I’ve noticed before the game uses a lot of RAM. I’ve seen my RAM usage up to 13GB before with only the game and discord running. I know Windows 10 seems to use a bit, about 3-4GB with nothing running, just idle on desktop. Still, that means vermintide is pushing around 10GB of RAM. I’ll have to monitor it next time I play and post the info.

I can see, that you are running with mods.
Try removing all mods and see how it runs. I’ve seen cases before when mods caused severe issues for the game

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