Constant performance/memory lag spikes

Issue Description:
After patch 4.9.3 I got 0.5-3 sec performance lag spikes and i can not play anymore. It does not matter where, lobby, map when i move my character i lose control for 0.5–2 sec (cannot do anything) then 1-2 sec back to normal and 0.5–2 sec lose.
I tried reinstall game, update graphic drivers, change video settings, change directx, file integrity, change to other ssd disk, turn on and off antycheat (game in background) - all nothing, still the same problem


Steps to Reproduce:

Map Name (If Applicable):
all map and lobby


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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console-2023-05-23-17.54.06-f6ed47cd-4d7c-41d3-bb58-e36396d15e24.log (121.0 KB)

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user_settings.config (11.3 KB)

Sorry to hear this. Please try running through our performance suggestions here:

Please let me know how it goes!

I tried : (done - doesn’t make any effect)
Disable the Steam Overlay - done
Verify Integrity of Game Files - done
Ensure Vermintide 2 Uses the Correct GPU - done
Reinstall Your GPU Drivers - done manualy and geforce exp -done
Lower Your Video Quality - done
Switch Between Borderless Fullscreen/Fullscreen/Windowed - done
For Windows 10 Only: Disable ‘Game Bar’ - it was off -done
For NVIDIA GPUs Only: Change Your ‘Power Management Mode’ - done
Disable Your Mods - i dont have any mods - done
Disable VSync (Vertical Sync) - i tried on/off - done
For Windows 10 Only: Switch Your DirectX Version - done

I tried to max perf to gain 200 fps and still doesn’t
Cap Your Framerate - to 90fps and change option “max stacking frames” from auto to 2 ony this works