Free Weekend for a whole week!


Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is free-to-play between October 26 - November 1 on Steam during the week-long Free Weekend. Grab a friend, or two, or three, and jump into Vermintide 2 to clear out some Skaven, Norsca, and Beastmen. Praise Sigmar!

*DLCs are not included in the Free Weekend.

Together with the weeklong Free Weekend, we are also extending the 5-Year Anniversary events on all platforms to run until November 1st.


The Obese Megalodon hat is available on all platforms until November 1. Jump into Vermintide 2 and complete one mission in order to catch this smashing look for all heroes.


The Community Challenge is still ongoing. Play Vermintide 2 during the Free Weekend and all of your kills will fill up the counter. Reach the milestones and all players will be rewarded!

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Follow the heroes out on town! The special anniversary mission ‘A Quiet Drink’ will be available on all platforms up until November 1.


Cataclysm will be my place of comfort throughout this week

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@Fatshark_Hedge Ho nice! but does that mean no Geheimnisnacht this year? :s

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The free week(end) and current 5 year stuff doesn’t preclude a Geheimnisnacht event, even if it’s not all whistles and bells.


Glad to hear it, and thanks for the answer.

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Huzzah! More of “A Quiet Drink”!

But why does nobody want to play it? It’s amazing fun, but Cata AQD is empy most of the time…

It’s quite fun but it’s also quite hard. I’d even wager we’d have a lot of ‘Quiet Drink is way overtuned’ threads if it were to be around all year. Convocation of Decay 2.0 in that sense.

The end event is packed and there’s not much space to kite (so many tables). Having to pay attention to the drink mechanic in order to have ults ready for critical situations also adds to AQD’s general difficulty.

And it’s not in quickplay rotation, so you’d have to deliberately chose it. But since it offers no incentive (community challenges, frames, etc.), at least for the moment, people don’t casually come by to play it. There’s no event built around it so that it would become attractive enough for many players to justify dealing with its higher-than-average difficulty.

You guys should add a quiet drink to the game permanently, just put a barrel of beer with some empty bottles near the altar to the fow and if anyone interacts with it it could be written “this keg is empty … how hard do you want more?” to select difficulty and and then its go time.


Hmm I think without the booze effects I would play the map more often. But constantly juggling from left to right + most of the time having no ults (while some classes are unique because of their ults) sucks. On top of that the grey screen is really annoing.

So I would play it a lot more if we could get a version without the necessity to drink booze.
I know this is what makes the map unique, but formyself I hate that and that’s why I just completed cata 3 times or so and then didn’t play it again

It’s obviously a lot harder than normal maps, true. But to me that adds to the insanity which makes this map fun. I guess if a victory screen contributes an important part of your enjoyment of a run, AQD will not be as attractive. I love it for the crazy gameplay this map creates. Monster & Patrol simultaneously, a few chaos pats worth of heavies at the same time, etc… this map can get crazier than a Twitch run.

@lexusalex , you are right when you say that the drinking mechanic impacts some classes disproportionally. So I guess if you favor one specific class, this map will be less fun as well. On the other hand, lvl 3 drunkenness will let some classes do ult spamming, which can be crazy fun as well.

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