FPS DROP when looking in direction of the path I came from

Please, can you guys fix this?

It looks like you guys keep the WHOLE MAP loaded, even after we already went through some area.
Example: I am in the middle of the map and then I look back to kill mobs coming from behind and I get a HUGE FPS drop. Not because of the monsters, but because the map is fully loaded behind me.

What is the need of this?

Please turn into low poly the map behind me or something.
In the end, the fps drop IS HUGE since the whole path behind me is still loaded.

It’s a simple fix.

Please improve this. Make the map unload after he went through some area that we cant go back to. This is a waste of resources that impact a lot the perfomance of the game.

Even on lowest settings, the fps drop happens.

I am on a I7, 1080TI with 32gb DDR4 RAM. This should not happen at all.

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