Fov slider on Console???

I loved the first game but i feel it had the same problem. The fov is sometimes nauseating. I feel it would make the game much more enjoyable. This is the diffrence fov makes Its on pc so why not console?

Higher FOV means more to render which means lower framerate.

Unfortunately raising the FOV by any significant amount on xb1 would lower the framerate to unacceptable levels so that it wouldn’t pass microsoft’s certification.



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If we change the dashboard to 1080p does the framerate increase or does the game still render in 4K then downsample to 1080p on the X? How about the S - is that 720p native?

Are there plans to make a framerate/resolution mode like other games?

Also since Legend difficulty is extremely difficult and really needs headshots and fast 180 turns for best survivability, are there plans to add keyboard/mouse support to the console releases (they are natively supported by both xbox and PS4). If not, will that difficulty be scaled for console players? On vermintide 1 the cata difficulty was never scaled for console players so an extremely low amount of players ever played it…

I have no experience with consoles but if you can find the “user_settings.config” file you should be able to set the fov manually by editing the “fov =” line.

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