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HIi FatShark, I have been playing VT2 PC untill yesterday as i couldnt wait for the release on Console i played over 500 hours and may i say i absolutely love the game!!

I have played Beta on Console (Xbox one X)as shade leveled her to 20 and i can see the resolution change its much slower and i cannot look around as i used to on PC. I have tried all the settings under the look sensitivity but nothing helped much i think its because of ‘Field of View’ ? And yesterday i have checked the actual release VT2 on Console i can see a little better resolution but i still cannot freely look around.

I can only think of ‘Field of View’ helps the vision much clear and smooth gaming, can you please include the ‘Filed of View’ ?

Once again you guys did a really amazing job on VT2 and especially releasing patches on PC very quickly to fix the bugs and enhancements to making gaming experience even better.

Thank You,

not really sure about the fov slider on console

as Robin stated in the discussion (link above):

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