FoV bug after "hard" resolution change

So I previously had experience with playing the game on a different PC with wide screen, which was just fine.
But on my machine, where I previously had a really old 4:3 monitor, after installing a new wide one, it looks nothing like it was on 16:9-from-the-start machine.
The UI and resolution changed well, but the 3D FoV still treats it like it’s still a 4:3 with extreme stretching to the sides right from the center, instead of making a somewhat smooth panoramic view like it’s supposed to. No amount of changing or restoring settings, or reinstalling the game helped to make it look properly.

The 80 degree FoV still works fine, but going above that just stretches the picture to the sides in a really unnatural way and creates swift blurry motions around the center while making everything even slightly to the side look extremely wide; trying to play like that, or even move the camera around, gives me motion sickness in seconds - and I’m not even prone to it.

Is there any way to fix the problem, or is it just how the game works on this monitor (Acer Nitro VG0) and no amount of dark magic is going to change this? Please and thank you.

That’s what should happen on every monitor I can only say that you probably didn’t extend the field of view of the previous wide screen you mentioned.

I did. Also it used to stretch the picture as panoramic view on the sides, not as insane surrealism perspective right from the center.

The pic in the OP looks normal for high FOV. For comparison, here’s what I see at 105:

Thank you. Guess I’ll just stay away from high FoV in this game then.

Yea, I normally play games like battlefield with really high FoV so I can see people sneaking. In this game though, the highest I can go is 95. After that, everything looks really weird.

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