Forum and replies

Guys, when I press the reply button when making a post, in preview I can clearly see the link at the post I am replying to. But as soon as I post the topic, there is no reply link. What am I doing wrong, or is this a bug?

Also when I am editing the post, I see which post I am replying to. But still no link after the edition.

The reply link should appear on the upper right corner of your post, somewhere around here ^

edit: huh, doesn’t appear to be working for me either now

If your reply is directly below the comment you are replying to, that link doesn’t show.

But if other people have commented on the thread in the meantime so your comments are not next to each other then the link will show.


So if I reply to GrottenOlm is there gonna be a link, or he gonna get notification?

k, the link is there. Thanks @Flinlock

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