Forest area in Trail of Treachery

Was trying to figure out how to get to the second bonfire, as well as find the final one, when I found “Geetwood Forest” (I think it was called that), and basically it was missing a great deal of assets, I’m assuming mostly rocks, as there were floating objects around the place, dialogue relating to corpses that weren’t there, and other texture issues as if the game was trying to unload the whole area, even though Im assuming I had approached it the correct way by crossing the broken bridge over the frozen river, next to the house with the second bonfire.

Anyway I saw the 3rd bonfire in the forest that seemed even more inaccessible so now Im even more confused lol

Hi @Gryffyd,

We’ll look out for this. If you come across this again can you please grab some screenshots or a video? Thanks!

I’ve figured out what the issue is, I hadn’t actually gotten the right side alternative path (after the drop down from the sawmill) before I made this report, so I didn’t realise the forest I found was supposed to be inaccessible. Basically after getting the left side path, it’s extremely easy to make the jump shown in this picture, and gain access to a very buggy and bare Geetwood adventure, also the second Grimoire doesn’t seem to spawn when taking the left path either, but I think that issue is already well known.
So as far as I know, this missing invisible wall doesn’t actually hinder any progress, but now I’m especially confused that I can see 4 bonfires…

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