Flamer should project light in Power Supply Interruption

I find it odd that projected flames from the flamer do not generate light during Power Supply Outage. It feels like it should. Any opinions on this?


Having a passive where there is more light when you have the weapon out would also be cool/helpful to have

It already does doesn’t it?

The flamer (And its fire) does not emit light, no.

Pretty sure this was true of fire wizard in dark sections of the vermintide games, so I doubt they will do differently here… Would be nice tho.

The Psyker flame staff projects light actually. Very efficiently at that too.

But the flamer just doesn’t.

As of 2023-Jan-28, it seems as if the Secondary Action (continuous flames) does project ambient light, but the Primary Action (single flame cloud) does not. I didn’t ask my pug if they could see the ambient light from the flames.

Another feature of the flamer that I feel should create ambient light, is the burning patches on the ground, which result from either action.

It would be great to be able to light up the area with one of my Zealot’s signature weapons, and help my team purge the heretics and cleanse the level of contagion!