Flamer feels bad

Idk if this is just me, but in anything other than perfectly optimal conditions the flamer feels completely useless. With how many little animations you need to use before the flamer fully turns on, the pitiful damage of the normal primary shot, and how minor melee hits stop your flamer from working, it just feels pitiful.

I really like it conceptually, and when it works, its glorious, but most of the time, when I take the flamer, I feel like I should have taken any other weapon. The flamethrower mode shouldn’t be a separate mode, it should just be what happens if you hold mouse 1. It just feels cumbersome and weak.

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It’s clunky and being clunky gets you killed at higher levels.

Just as they were in V2 :smiley:

I think, firing the flamer without aiming should do a wide spread with shorter range.
And aiming it should make a thinner spread over a longer range.

You have to practice with it, it’s an absolute CC beast and it’s right, it’s hard to handle. You can kill a whole horde with it alone and that justifies complicated handling. If you make it too lame you’ll only see zealots with flamethrowers in a few weeks, I can guarantee that.

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The burn DoT stacks and refreshes with each application, and actually does massively more damage once you have 2-3 stacks. The left click is still very useful because it applies stacks and does a knockback.

Also yeah the spray straight up deletes hordes and lets you quickly stack up the burn on bosses which does a shitton of damage.