Fix for performance

Delete the tbbmalloc.dll from the game/binaries folder. It makes the game run much smoother.

can you quantify this? :smiley:

At this point I’m desperate enough to start deleting .dlls from system32 if it’d help! Renamed the .dll, but it didn’t help much, if at all. At least it didn’t break anything either, not that I could tell.

Doesn’t do anything as far as I can tell.

Don’t delete it.

Just rename it to tbbmalloc.dll.old. So you can put it back if need be.

Foolish hacky nonsense straight up deleting game DLLs. You have no idea what it does, and if you make bug reports based on hacking up your install files then you’re just adding confusion for Fatshark.

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Foolish hacky nonsense straight up deleting game DLL

Darktide didn’t delete any DLLs (yet)!
Jokes aside, this shows how desperate people are for a performance boost at any cost.

My comment is just that it is never a good idea to actually delete a file where you don’t know what it does. And every thing about your install that you change that the devs did not expect (because no one expects their users to delete things) will create false “bug” reports.