Festering Ground - player will join dead if he spawns at the part where the rocks collapse

Issue Summary: Was playing as a client in Festering Ground legend. In the last part of the level, when escaping and there are collapsing rocks, a fourth player has joined and replaced the still alive bot carrying a tome and a grim. However, to our surprise, the player spawned dead. We think it might have been due to him spawning just as or after the rocks have collapsed.

Attached is console log (last game I played before exiting the game).
console-2018-11-19-12.20.57-293EFBFB-00B0-47F5-BF3E-D8F4 festering ground player joined dead as rocks collapsed.log (916.6 KB)

My team had rushed ahead on Festering Ground and I got hit by the rocks while having full health and instantly died.

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