Feedback - Gamer of DT 120hrs / V2 1600hrs

I’m enjoying the game at present (beyond crashing at least once every other match). But I’m here to talk about something I believe may stop people from playing the game. Ranged Combat.

In Vermintide 2 there is a complexity to melee through the movement, abilities, weapons, and attack patterns which has kept gameplay interesting. At presently the only complexity from the ranged combat in DT is “wall of las/auto fire”. The wall of fire isn’t bad, but it’s getting boring (quickly).

When we look at other successful shooters, they use a combination of the below to add complexity and keep ranged combat interesting through a depth of play.

guns/guntypes (having multiple like warzone, etc.)
terrain (apex)
building (rust, fortnite)
cover (gearsofwar, rainbow six)
movement (apex, warzone, drg)
RPG elements (drg, cyberpunk, etc.)
heavy team tactics (counterstrike, drg)

My fear is with DT’s focus on ranged combat but without the aforementioned depth of play, the game will die on the vine.

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