FEATURE SUGGESTION - Player Customizable Super-Elites, whatcha think?

With the new schilling system, I thought it might be cool to have customized mini-bosses (not quite monsters, but stronger than elites) that could spawn in a game that the players have customized themselves. You could fit them with various weapons, armor types, and cosmetics that have pros and cons. Maybe pick a few specials that move along with them. When you kill them, they drop a small schilling bag (amount rewarded based on difficulty - maybe like 5) that’s carried in your bomb slot and must be carried to completion.

If this sounds strangely like Shadows of War, I guess it kind of is, but I like the idea of each player customizing their own elite (maybe even upwards of 3 elites), and the game occasionally spawning a random elite from somebody in that game.

Possible customizable features:

  • Special attack (like Spinemanglr’s spin attack, or give them an assassin lunge, or berserker combo, etc.)
  • Armor (affecting their speed and health type)
  • Weapon
  • Appearance
  • Race

I like the idea, but I’ve immediately thought of a few drawbacks reading it:

  • People can and will game this system, getting currency for the weakest possible elite; could be remedied with adjusting the payout according to how much modifiers you slap on the elite, but even then people will just find the optimal ratio;
  • Please, no more inventory slot hogs…

That’s kinda the beauty of it. I don’t think it’s a big deal if you gear the elite to what is easiest for you to fight, or make a truly interesting elite to spice up your battles. The maps won’t be any less challenging, and your elite can only get so weak or so strong. It will add loads of variety and open up even more things to collect.

Also, this would take up no more space than the current cosmetics. I’m not talking about gear with stats. The customizations would all have static stats. Once you unlock a spear for them to use, that’s it. There won’t be other spears.

While I like the thought of designing my own type of mini-boss, this sounds like something that would require enormous amounts of effort to implement, while not bringing too much to the table.

I would prefer not to lose any more inventory slots either. I probably wouldn’t pick up the shillings bag on difficulties above legend.

I like the base idea but it could be implemented slightly differently.
Maybe a stronger Stormvermin, with a greater posse and some special moves or buffs, spawning randomly, distinguishable by a slightly grey or white fur (or different armor, or something else easy to spot).

He’s not guaranteed to spaw. On death he drops some extra shillings, and you are required to finish the level in order to collect the shillings.

Preferably one for each faction.

  • a Stormvermin
  • a Chaos warrior
  • a Beastigor

Sorry for being pedantic but any other color than black for Stormvermin fur is impossible due to lore.

I do however like the idea of a different armour.

And I like This thread’s idea in general.

I’m not good enough at the lore to provide specifics but I guessed as much. And due to GS and lore we won’t have Chaos Spawns wearing bright pink hats or Rat Ogres with monocles and white gloves, so no matter what is implemented, if anything, it can’t go wrong.

Love this idea - like some sort of “Bounty System”

i believe there are white fur stormvermin as well, they are a royal guard or something similar.

I’d love to see something like a community art contest to design a new mini boss. Maybe a roaming SV or CW that can randomly show up in maps as part of of a patrol.

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There is albino SV, but they’re crazy rare and I doubt they’d be anywhere near the U5. They’re way bigger than normal SV and only really exist to guard the council.

Though I think FS could just make up a new SV unit that still has black fur but wears different armour and not have any real issues. Nothing lore breaking about a more elite SV unit.

I’ve never heard about white fur Stormvermin as @LordGiggles mentioned but I suppose it could be true.

Note however that being albino is not the same as white fur as I’ve understood that both white and grey fur is a sign of spellcasting potential and these Skaven are, if they survive long enough to be found, are taken by the Grey Seers to be inducted into the sorcerer-clergy of the Horned Rat.

They’re called the Council Guard, they’re the bodyguards to the Council of Thirteen - some of the few truly loyal Skaven out there, and also mute (so they can’t talk about the secret stuff they witness). They’re even a regiment of renown in Total Warhammer 2.

I dunno about customizable, but I would love to see rare, special versions of elites to shake things up. Think of elites and rares in Diablo - basically like that. A Chaos Warrior with an aura of missile damage resistance, Stormvermin who give Bleed damage to their nearby allies, a Plague Monk who spawns one of those disabling fly clouds on death (the one from the Burblespue fight). Don’t make them as glowy as in Diablo, but give them a visible aura.

It’s not even hard to explain in lore; they’ve just got warp mutations. One could come up with a lot of possibilities here, and make them more common the higher in difficulty you climb.
-Damage Resistance
-Range Damage Resistance
-Spawn disabling fly cloud
-Bleed on hit
-Create toxic pool on death
-Drain stamina puddle that spawns around them
-Slowing aura
-Jailer (like the D3 effect, just make it warp-green)
-Health Regeneration aura (a weaker version of the Beastmen standard)
-Smoke Bomb (periodically creates a smoke cloud that hides themselves and nearby enemies)

Some existing effects, like Nurgle’s Rot and Tzeentchian Twins, could also be used as elite effects.

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Cosmetics for specials / elites / etc would be great. I don’t really care that much about my own character’s outfit, because I can’t even see it when I’m playing, but if I could make chaos warriors have different skins when I’m hosting (or maybe just make the skin apply client-side, for me, in whatever game I’m in), that could be pretty cool. I’m actually looking at the enemies all the time, after all.

There’s the Albino Guard, but those are strictly for guarding members of the Council of 13.

Good idea. What about a randomly spawning patrol from a higher difficulty, give you the option of avoiding, color could make it discernible from others and should be easy to implement bc same just reuse of assets, maybe if too big hard code stats for legend but in a champ game, or cata in legend