Fatshark Streams - Your Input

Hey folks.

We’re wondering what kind of Streams interest you the most. The options here hopefully capture much of what would be possible, but do feel free to suggest other stuff in the thread :slight_smile:

  • Educational / Walkthroughs
  • Craft Streams (Meet a dev, see what a dev does)
  • Lore
  • Q&A
  • Let’s Plays (VT)
  • Let’s Plays (other games)

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Multivotes possible is intentional?

Anyway, I think most people will be interested in the Q&A. Second to this I’ve chosen Craft Stream just so that people see that you don’t laze around like they claim and that they get a better understanding of game design and development.

Lore depends: General Warhammer Lore or Vermintide specific Lore (especially character Background)?



Either or I suppose. Feel free to suggest. :slight_smile:


I love any sort of interaction with FatShark. Be it a Q&A, an interview, Craft Streams or just goofing around.

Craft Stream would be pretty interesting


Regarding craft streams, I´d also like “thought process” short interviews. Like pick a feature (a level, an enemy, a weapon, a class, a skill, a mechanic) and then answer why this feature was implemented in the way it is - what the thought process behind that was. That would surely interest me and maybe answer many Q&As in advanvce.


Lore, Q&A and Craft are all good.

Community content would be good to show too if you get permission and if there is any.

Also some content on the U5, like a comic with backstory, would be cool.


Let’s plays for sure, with a developer commentary & Q&A at the side.


  1. join a QP, that guarantees fun (and helps the second rule)!
  2. also bugs get commented on and written down :wink:
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I’d quite like to see “A day in the life of…”

When they arrive, what the plans for the day are, what changes during the day. What they’re working on, How many big arguments there are about stuff.

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I would like to see streams as some kind of live video devblog. Just before you release a patch, take the notes and say what were your thoughts behind the decisions you made. Show some of the stuff your working on atm / concepts, short AMAs, smth. like that… Even if it’s what you call “Hack Week” just for some hours in the stream with the community would be nice. After all, just try to get your position as the DEV of the game into focus and not some gameplay (that doesn’t mean you could not play some games with the community from time to time)

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I am not voting let’s play ecausd I think pure let’s play only benefits our streaming heroes T*m. I think we need one more stream with some gameplay footage though. Tim need to have a chance at trying ranger vet and to play with matching manbuns. I think we owe him that.

A Q&A has only merit if you’re allowed and/or willing to answer :
controversial or uncomfortable questions
no selective reading / hearing to avoid these questions
about design, the inner workings of the team, how decisions are made, etc.
Also no generic answer like the ones we are used to get, but detailed and technical if needed.
Either you commit to this or not, but don’t make it like the ones until now…


Wouldn’t that be an AMA?

Even though your post smell slightly like torches and pitchforks, I do agree. 30-60 minutes of we would like to do that, maybe, soon, and can’t get into that right now would just be a waste of everyone’s time.

This sums it up quite nicely. A session of Question & Non-answer is no fun for anyone.


I just want more Tim and Tom.


Tim and Tom Drunk Plays :wink:

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Thread necromancy should be avoided if possible x)

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I would also watch the devs watering the flowers, or building the tallest Lego tower.

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