Fastest way to grind screaming bell?

I’m using foot knight and 5% speed trinket, is there any better combination?

Mayflies will never be as fast as a Handmaiden. With proper CD reduction and speed talents and equipment, it can consistently finish it on legend in less than 6 minutes.

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Slayer Bardin. Takes about 5 to 6 minutes tops.

Again, Build?

10% cdr / 5 ms trinket

5 ms talent lvl 15

30% cdr ability lvl 25

Zoomzoom maiden

I have done it with Handmaiden (Champion tho, but don’t think it makes a big difference) in 5min, got a video that I could upload if you want.

The only problem here is that if a boss spawn, you have 50% chance of it being a Troll or Stormfiend, and thus having to leave due to the wall.

For the build you can take Spear if you’re comfortable with the charged attack speed abuse (I’m not, so I went Sword&Dagger), Shortbow to clean some trash in your way (only worth in champion)
cdr/ms trinket is the best but I didn’t have one tho
ms and cdr talents
and concoction or decanter on charm

Does the spear even have the movement boost on charge anymore?

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