EXP past 30?

what is the point of geting EXP past lvl30?
i was tould that for every lvl you got past you get a item is this true?
if not would it not be better to remove the exp bar once you get to 30 ?
thanks for any info

anyone know ?

wow 21Hs no ancer oh well

no items after 30, just cash

No prestige levels either, which is a shame. The most glaring problem i see is the aqcuirement of red itmes though. If the contract shop will be the only possibility, then i really hope that we can craft them or else this is going to be a desaster.

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You are playing BETA, and the game hasn’t been open to public for a week yet.

If that’s not enough for you, then just wait for crafting mechanics, maybe it will help you to see the light in the tunnel.

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