Excise Vault Two Bad Scripture Spots

Issue Description: Two Bad Scripture Spots that make it impossible to pick them up, locking you out of books for a mission

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Excise Vault
  2. Get Scripture spots shown below depending on RNG
  3. Both of them are visible and pingeable but neither can be picked up from any angle
  4. No book

Mission Name (If Applicable): Excise Vault

Platform: Steam

Player ID: dylanstrategie

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone: December 10th 2022

Reproduction Rate: 100 % if following spots are rolled

Upload Supporting Evidence:

Spot 1: Before first event (move cargo bridge to proceed) before the dropdown, just after the guaranteed health station. Spawns in a beam just outside the doorway on the balcony. Perfectly visible but impossible to pick this up because the pillar is fully solid

Spot 2: About two thirds of the level on the balcony, the spot on the outside ledge in one of the warehouse areas behind a container. Spot looks perfectly normal but it’s clearly clipped inside the sand (this is a common issue with some crate pickups, sand dunes messes with pickups and this needs to be addressed globally!)