"Error Code: 30005 (CreateFile failed with 32.)"

I quickly looked this up and apparently the issue is an anti-virus software blocking Easy Anti-Cheat however to my knowledge there is no anti-virus software on my PC besides the default Windows one and I’ve made sure it doesn’t block VM2 or Easy Anti-cheat howver the issue persists.

This happened pretty much right after I updated a seemingly unrelated driver with help of “Auslogics Driver Updater”, no crashes before that. Again, I can’t see how it’s related but I might be missing something here.

Thanks in advance.

Make sure the Easy Anti-Cheat service is enabled via the Task Manager. See here: https://support.fatshark.se/hc/en-us/articles/360007853137--PC-How-to-Resolve-Most-Easy-Anti-Cheat-Errors#Error%20Code:%2030005%20(CreateFile%20Failed%20with%2032.)

Try rebooting as well. CreateFile failed with 32 can appear if there is a crashed launch stuck in the EAC state machine (i.e. EAC is preventing EAC with file locks).

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