Equinox Mk IV Voidstrike Force Staff - Left click

Why isn’t the left-click attack on the lightning staff as bit more lightning themed?
It currently seems to be the exact same ball as the one from the Equinox MK III Trauma Force Staff, which might stem from them both being called “Equinox”, but it is a bit dull.

Therefore I suggest you change the left-click attack to a lightning bolt you can keep out continuously by holding down left-click.

And yes, I really just want to zap heretics all around with it.

I reckon the reason for this, might be that you will release different types of Force Staves later on, so that you might get a “Fulminis Mk VII Voidstrike Force Staff” which will have a different left-click attack and the “Lightning Charge” as the right-click attack.

But in Vermintide Sienna’s staves felt quite a bit more different at launch than the staves in Darktide, and I know there is quite the difference between Psykers and Mages, but making some variation in the left-click attack doesn’t seem to stretch the lore in any way.

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