Entire screen turns Black and White, game still operating in background

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When logging into a character and while on the morningstar, very frequently will the screen turn half black and half white while the game still operates and is taking key inputs. The screen will fix itself after 5 or so seconds but can happen almost again.

The December 1st driver has been installed and reinstalled and steam has verfied the the game files.

  1. Pick a character
  2. Screen freaks out
  3. Load into Morningstar
  4. Screen freaks out
  5. Seems to trigger on Psyker cosmetics when equiping them onto a character or viewing them in the shop.


12/02/2222, 7:00PM CST


Driver-related, perhaps roll back to a previous version.

Update: a clean reinstall of the whole game and launching through GeForce experience seems to have fixed the issue.