Enemy stagger immunity durations are inconsistent with the animation for Trauma staff

Issue Description:
When the enemies recover from their stagger or knockdown animations, they are still immune for a second or two for the Trauma staff even though they can take actions already. This is even more clear with the Ogryn sized enemies, for example a crusher.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play The Meat Grider as a Psyker (Psykinetic)
  2. Equip a Trauma staff of your choice
  3. Perform fully charged secondary attacks on the Crusher, releasing just after the stumbling/knocked down animation ends.
  4. Observe you get only damage and not even a flinch.

Mission Name (If Applicable):
Any, but fastest to replicate in The Meat Grinder.


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

This sounds like an intended mechanic, so I’ll mark it as not a bug. But, I’ll ask the devs anyway in the meantime, just in case.

Just in case, @Pygex , could you tell me what stats, blessings and perks your trauma staff has? Couple of screenshots could also work.


Here is a screenshot of the staff

Here is a video of the problem. You can see it takes extremely long for the stagger immunity to wear off, making the visual feedback to the player very miss leading and chaining CC with Trauma more of a guess work than player skill. Look at especially the trial at 50 second mark. I don’t know the exact timing but it seems the crusher is immune for like 2 seconds after the idle animation begins.

The immunity duration is long enough to allow the Crusher to attack, which is weird cause Surge is able to perma CC and it’s impossible to know when you can knock them down again.