"Endless horde" bug?

Prefacing this by saying, I have no idea if this is a bug, an intended effect, or just something random that the conflict director decides to throw at you sometimes. That said, occasionally missions just seem to have absolutely endless streams of trash mobs flowing in. Here’s a good example of it, which occurred a couple days ago in an auric maelstrom mission:

The timestamp 42:06 is for the end event, where things really got ridiculous, but if you scroll through the video you can see it was pretty much like this all mission. Eventually it wore us down and we wiped. This actually was a fun, if a bit grueling, match, but – I’m wondering if it’s intentional? I’ve run this condition a number of times, and as far as I can remember, auric maelstrom I-E-F condition is not usually like this. I also saw this crop up occasionally long before maelstroms/aurics were implemented.

Suggestion: if it’s intentional, I think this condition should be an “official” maelstrom condition, or at least, it would be good if it was part of the mission description so we know it’s coming. (For example, we might not have tried to three-man this mission if we had known it was an “endless horde” mission.) If it’s not intentional, please don’t just remove it – it’s a fun enough curveball that I’d rather have it randomly crop up vs just being excised from the game. Rather, please figure out what’s causing this to happen and make it an actual maelstrom condition that we can prepare for :grinning:

I’ve encountered it once, it’s almost certainly the game ‘director’ glitching out and not being able to stop things. It usually means you need to pray someone brought a flamer because you are absolutely going to need it to deal with the sheer number of bodies.

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