End Events: The magnificent conundrum

Let’s talk about… end events.

This is prompted by a recent RNG spate of getting Bogenhafen - The Pit and Blightreaper - much more often in QP.

usually I would’ve groaned at The B’Hafen but I have enjoyed the runs a bit more than usual and I have decided it’s because of the end events. They’re not so punishing as to demolish the run right at the end.

So let’s think about the different types of end events we have;

Hold Out and Do Something - Athel Lenui, Righteous Stand, Horn of Magnus, Blight Reaper,Convocation of Decay, Garden of Morr, Dark Omens, Fort B, Engines of War, Old Haunts
Lord Fight - Skittergate, Bodvar, Skarrik, BubbleSnot and Nurgloth (Lair and Blood In the Darkness), honorary mentions for Into the Dark, Screaming Bell and Dark Omens but it’s boss instead of a Lord.
Escape - Empire in Flames, Against the Grain, The Pit.
Move and Break Stuff Empire in Flames, Festering Ground, Screaming Bell, Fort.

So I think we’ve really got 4 different ending types at the moment, with some having more than one element to them, which suggest there’s quite a lot of variety.

Problem is, as a community there’s been complaints about every type - which suggest the community can’t actually be happy with anything.

I happen to think the Escape! type maps are the best. Empire in Flames is (IMO) the best designed of all the maps as it has challenge without being a complete AI Director stomping, build excitement even after the Mansion gets demolished and you make a break for it.

Now - each map either compounds or relaxes the challenge of course, purely based upon the layout.

I usually bail out on Old Haunts, Enchanters Lair, Convocation, Dark Omens and Fort within the first five minutes once I figure out if the QP team mates are going to even get there or not. I absolutely love the Drakenfels maps, but can’t stand the very often, very fast wipes. We don’t get ground down slowly, we just get hammered into a wipe within a minute of the first player downing getting the Heads. To be fair, Nurgloth is only the last phase, but still. The last five minutes of the map are enough to bail me out. Of course I could get better - everyone can - but my free time is precious and I’ll be spending it on maps I’m more likely to complete.

what’s your favourite map ending and why? And what stops you playing other maps? IS there any other map ending type we’re missing?

Personally my favorite maps are the ones with lord fights, Into the nest being my favorite map, there’s just something about the satisfaction of knowing the ubersriek 5, or 4 doesn’t matter, accomplished a large goal and eliminated a major threat that makes the mission feel so much more impactful and fun to me.

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I personally enjoy empire in flames, the pit where you hold in the burning house and have to escape trough the tunnel, righteous stand is chaotic and fun aswell, against the grain, festering, garden.

I dont’ agree with your categories but it would be hard to categorize them , most are all differen’t but share similarities.

Events with bosses i don’t really like in general. You either melt it in 1 second in it’s animation phase, or you don’t have enough dps and your in for a tedious process of chipping away it’s health for 20 minutes. There are inbetweens and that’s when i enjoy boss fights.

Tbh I like most of the endings of the base maps, they all deliver something unique. Just Skarrik is underperforming and the final event really is kinda boring because of his design, same goes with the Gatekeeper. For Drachenfels I’m pretty happy with most of the endings, well except Nurgloth needs a little “fine tuning”. The Back to Ubersreik Finals are also pretty good, I just don’t like Engines of War’s that much becuase it’s kinda stupid to wait for that boat just to get on that small island that like 2m away… (maybe it’s possible to do an actual cog sailing ship and not a miniature variant and just do a small video sequence where you see the heros escaping). Shadows Over Bögenhafen is really a frustrating one, not the Pit thats ok, but Blightreaper is just a big disappointment, I really like the map, but the final is just :poop: same goes with Dark Omens, nice map with a good variety in the setting, just the final is underperforming, not because it is really hard or anything, but it should be a Beastmen ritual… isn’t there supposed to be a Shaman atleast? Overall I can only say that Lord/Boss fights are really the most fun endings IF the boss is well designed, like Nurgloth is (just with some problems in stats and enemy spawn numbers and respawn points).