Enchanter's Lair is Great

Splendid castle architecture, disturbing motifs, craftily hidden buttons and keys, secret passages, trapdoors, creepy head voices, spooky organ music near the end, and a properly challenging boss fight all add up to an exciting and immersive experience. Also, the sound of Nurgloth’s bell-scythe tolling every time he slams it on the ground is friggin’ phenomenal.

I’ve never played VT1, so this is all new content to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the top-notch map, Fatshark team!


Hear-hear. These maps are truly legendary and I’ve got nothing but thanks for them.


I agree the maps are amazing, with an extra congratulations for this very last one.


Well, yes, great design… but we haven’t to forget there are problems too… like the lighting, wich is terrible. And the Lord has some unfair moves.