Embrace it

I’ve had the exact same thought before. I think they were afraid of making the designs too “cartoony” and wanted them fully realistic + gritty instead. This is why a lot of the premium sets they port straight from the minis look off and lame in Darktide, it’s because the characters just aren’t bulky enough so it throws the whole design off.
As for why ogryns are such hunchbacks I was also wondering. Maybe they wanted them to feel bigger but still keep the model a size that works for map designers without making too many concessions or something. So the solution was make them big, but make them pull their head in. They stand up straight in some cosmetic menus and it looks way more ogryn like.

I’d LOVE for this to be how veterans in darktide look
unfortunately their artstyle decision went a different way.

Also, while I’m at it, I’m disappointed we didn’t get cool ogryn faces like this

The ones we have look a little bit too human for what I like


Mate, it’s out of bounds, you’re not supposed to look at them for more than a couple seconds. I’ve noticed the outside of Aegis Station being woefully undecorated, but that’s only really if you hop up and look over the wall.

I was half joking, some of it is pretty in your face though. Especially on the new carnival maps there’s stuff in plain view behind fences that looks like quake custom maps.

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There we go

It’s done to save resources. Actual part of optimization. What doesn’t have to load, won’t bog down the player’s system.

Well it does load and it’s visible from just playing the map normally.