Elven Axe push attack crit chance bonus seems to have been mistakenly nerfed from BBB's 20% to Patch 3.1's 10%

BBB and the original Weapon Rebalance Mod patch notes for Elven Axe / Kerillian 1h Axe:

As per those patch notes, it seems that the intended crit chance bonus for the push attack is 20%. However, in Patch 3.1, push attack was nerfed (perhaps mistakenly) to 10%. There is no mention of any nerfing to the Elven Axe in the BBB Patch Notes thread.

“The bonus crit was added to the push stab to make up for a lack of bonus crit on the other lights in comparison to 1h axe.” “Tying more power into pushattacks is a cool concept, especially when it comes to procing effects.” — With the nerf to 10%, Elven Axe is still underwhelming.

I posted this bug report for the BBB previously: Elven Axe / Kerillian's 1h Axe push attack has a 10% bonus crit chance instead of the intended 20% crit chance I am posting in this forum as the bug seems to have made its way to the live Patch 3.1 release.

2020-09-09 EDIT:


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