Kerillian - Melee - Elven Axe

I think Elven Axe’s 3rd light is rather being disadvantage to its weapon it self.

So, I think Elven Axe’s 3rd light better be removed. And 4th light replace its place.

Any other thoughts?

actually tested this when making the rebalance mod and it wasn’t exactly useful outside making headshotting with it easier but that wouldn’t really be enough to “fix” the weapon

honestly the biggest issue with elf axe is it just has no real place, it can’t compete with Keri’s other weapons at all and I genuinely wouldn’t even know where to begin fixing it without completely changing the weapon to the point where the only recognizable part of it from its current state is the cosmetics


How about one or two more of cleave to it? And/Or remove movement speed reduction while attacking?

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would require testing but 1h axes in general could probably stand to benefit from having a 50% cleave buff without suddenly becoming overpowered


I see.

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